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FRCA Holiday party... mark your calendar!

Mark your calendar now for the FRCA holiday party on Tuesday, December 15 at Burritt Museum’s Trillium Room. We’re planning to get started at 6:00 with a half hour of socializing, and dinner will start at 6:30. FRCA will provide the main dishes (turkey and ham) and drinks. We ask that you bring a dish [...]

Water use is lower than 30 years ago

According to a story on NPR’s Morning Edition, water use has gone down over the past 30 years, mostly in industrial in agricultural applications.

Articles about ADEM, the EPA and water quality in Alabama

Here are a few recent newspaper articles from around the state about ADEM, EPA enforcement actions, and water quality issues around the state.

ADEM wter pollution penalties drop 78 percent; other enforcement measures down:
During 2009 fiscal year, state assessed $286,100 for pollution violations, down from $1.2 million in each of the two previous years. David [...]

Clean Water: Still Elusive

Check out this excellent editorial in the New York Times: Clean Water, Still Elusive. You may know that the Clean Water Act, signed into law in 1972, has made great strides to make our water safer. Unfortunately, as the editorial points out, the law has gotten a bit old and stale and is falling short [...]