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Keel Mountain Preserve Hike February 20

Not many know about the 310 acre Preserve owned by the Nature Conservancy on Keel Mountain, purchased in 2003 to protect the Endangered Morefield’s Leatherflower.  But so much more is there—Chittamwood or American Smoketree,  prickly pear cactus, Limerock arrowwood, and Cumberland Rosinweed.  The first and last will not be visible in the winter, but this [...]

Next FRCA Meeting: Learn about the Clean Water Act!

Please join us for the next FRCA general meeting on February 16. This month, Jennifer Pinkley, the current president of FRCA, will give a presentation on the Clean Water Act. You’ll learn about the Act’s origins, how it has improved our nation’s water, and the methods Alabama uses to enforce the Clean Water Act. Next, [...]