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Overnight Historical Float Trip, Sat Nov. 3

Overnight Historical, Ecological, and Astronomical Float Trip this Saturday, November 3 on the Flint River

First, if you need a canoe, they rent for $25 each, and I will need to know by 3 p.m. on Friday. My phone at home is 256-539-3747 and my cell is 256-509-1219.

Meet: Saturday November 3 at Hays Nature Preserve, parking area at 1 p.m.
Bring: Camping gear , warm clothes, breakfast and dinner items to share, cooler if needed to.
Optional: Fishing gear—this will be a lazy 7 mile paddle. Stories to tell around the fire. Binocs for the astronomy lesson that evening. NOTE: We will take our vehicles and gear to the campsite first, then shuttle back to the canoes. So leave in the canoe ONLY WHAT YOU NEED FOR THAT AFTERNOON PADDLE.

Take Out: Joe Hollis’ farm on the right bank of the lower Flint—Very nice camp site.
Looking for: Lead Paddler that knows the River. I will not be able to lead the paddle, but I will help shuttle in the morning and be at the camp site that afternoon/evening
November 4th—in the morning, we will again share breakfast items, and take our leave to go home as we want to that morning.
Please bring emergency phone numbers—for the waiver you will sign.
Thanks! Soos Weber—Chair, Flint River Conservation Association.
256-539-3747 home (leave message with phone number) or 256-509-1219 cell

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