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Thursday, March 7 Public Meeting at 6:00

The Green Coalition and Flint River Conservation Association will sponsor a public meeting at Monte Sano State Park Lodge on Thursday, March 7th at 6:00.
Dr. Dawn Lemke, adjunct professor at Alabama A & M University, will be our guest speaker.
Her topic will be Invasive Plants of the Southeastern Forests: Implications of Climate Change.

Also, Saturday, March 9th event – Forest Practicum – in the State Park Pavilion, next to the Park Office. From 9 until noon, participants will be shown some of the worst invasive species of north Alabama. Identification and control booklets will be available. Dress for an outdoor experience, as we go down Bankhead Parkway from the Scenic Overlook to see and take measures to control the invasive plants there. Please bring cutting tools such as long handled loppers or pruning saws. The instructor will be Soos Weber, board member of the Alabama Invasive Plant Council (ALIPC).

Please call Soos at 256-539-3747 for more information.

March 3rd – 8th is National Invasive Species Awareness Week. (NISAW)

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