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Vision Statement

The Flint River Conservation Association envisions a healthy, clean Flint River. We envision a river with a relatively natural flow regime — in other words, human activities do not reduce flows to an unnatural trickle, or cause unnaturally severe and frequent flooding. We envision a scenic river that provides opportunities for fishing, walking, canoeing and other recreational activities. We envision an ecologically healthy, biologically diverse Flint River. We envision a river lined with natural, forested lands (greenways and riparian buffers), and the conservation of the River’s tributaries, springs, caves, and other resources.

We envision a time when all watershed residents possess a basic understanding and appreciation of the Flint River and its ecosystem, and as such take pride in the river. And we envision a time when many thousands of people are engaged in efforts to conserve the river through participation in the Flint River Conservation Association, and sub- watershed organizations supported by the Flint River Association.

We envision a time when development in the Flint River Watershed is guided by a science-based land use plan. We envision a time when development, water withdrawals, and other public management decisions affecting the river are guided by a periodically- updated baseline study of the Flint River watershed.