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We have many different projects you can get involved with:

  • Water Monitoring
  • Construction Site Monitoring (coming soon, let us know if you’re interested!)
  • River Guardian Awards
  • Promote Recycling in Huntsville
  • Community Education

Water Monitoring: Allison_workshop
FRCA participates in an innovative program sponsored by Alabama Water Watch, a nonprofit organization that trains volunteers how to monitor and record six different water quality parameters (pH, temperature, alkalinity, hardness, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity). We offer training courses every year, or you can contact us to participate in ongoing water quality testing. It’s easy, fun, and helps contribute important information about your watershed.

AWW site testing kits are very easy to use and available to everyone. If you’d like to help FRCA test sites in the Flint River watershed, just let us know! Send an email to

Construction Site Monitoring:

siltFRCA is working to get involved in a project to monitor construction sites around the watershed to ensure “erosion control” is installed and effective. The program we’re investigating is called Muddy Water Watch. Check out their web page for information about the program and let us know if you’re interested in helping get the program going in north Alabama!

River Guardian Awards
FRCA awarded 3 members of the development community River Guardian Awards for their efforts to do Best Management Practices (BMP’s) to control erosion. Our River Guardians have seen very little of good BMP’s anywhere in Huntsville so we commend our winners for excellence!

Promote Recycling in Huntsville
The curbside recycling program was initiated in Huntsville in 1989 with great fanfare and good participation. In recent years, however, the amounts collected have been steadily decreasing as participation has declined. Disposing of recyclable materials as garbage costs the residents of Huntsville about $40 per ton. This is an unnecessary waste of tax dollars. Simply doubling the 4,200 tons collected last year would save over $150,000/year. Other cities do it, why can’t Huntsville?

Recycling takes little effort and you can find recycling centers in and around the Huntsville Area. To get a recycling bin Huntsville city residents can call 256-830-BINS (2467). The Allied Waste Recyclery is located at 1004 A Cleaner Way, just of Johnson Road behind the Huntsville Humane Society. Madison County and all others who live outside Huntsville should call 256-532-1513.

There are six drop off sites within the Madison County.

  • Gurley: County Commission, District 3 Office Hwy 72 East
  • Owens Cross Roads: Berkley Senior Center Old Highway 431
  • New Hope: 222 Hayden Street New Hope
  • New Market: District 1 Landfill Beth Rd., off Oscar Patterson Rd.
  • Toney: Toney Vol. Fire Dept. Corner of Opp Reynolds Rd. and Morris Rd.
  • Hazel Green: Hazel Green High School 14380 Hwy 231-431

These drop off locations accept the same products as the curbside program, except for batteries and motor oil. These waste products may be dropped off on the first Saturday morning (8:00 am to noon) of each month at the Handle With Care facility at the SWDA Landfill, located at 4100 Leeman Ferry Road.

For complete information on recycling visit the Solid Waste Disposal Authority.

Past Projects:

Purple Loosestrife Spraying
Purple Loosestrife is an aggressive invasive species brought to America in the 1800s as an ornamental garden plant. Even though it’s pretty, it takes over wetlands and destroys native species and the native ecology. When purple loosestrife gets a foothold, the habitat where fish and wildlife feed, seek shelter, reproduce and rear young, quickly becomes choked under a sea of purple flowers. Some wildlife will eventually leave to find better habitat but the native plants and insects that can’t move are killed by this invasion.

To help control purple loosestrife in our area’s wetlands, FRCA has a grant from the US Fish and Wildlife Service to spray plants while they are growing to eradicate the invasive plant or at least to keep in under control. The Purple Loosestrife grant for Summer 2006- 2007 was very successful. We eradicated hundreds of individual plants near Big Cove Creek. If you would like to volunteer an evening or on a weekend, FRCA will reimburse you for your time and travel at the rate of $20 per trip. We’ll start spraying in 2008 in the spring. To volunteer, contact Soos Weber.

Flint River Documentary on Discovering Alabama
After many years of planning the Discovering Alabama’s documentary on the Flint River premiered in August, 2007, Doug Phillips guided viewers through the watershed and the problems we are facing with increased development and urban sprawl. We encourage everyone to watch the documentary to learn more about the Flint River. To read more about FRCA’s role in the documentary, visit our Flint River Documentary page.

Past accomplishments

Flint River Conservation Association has been instrumental in the conservation of the Hays Nature Preserve and Goldsmith Schiffman Wildlife Sanctuary–about 1,000 acres of Flint River Bottomlands. The Hays Nature Preserve will soon be a regional Watershed Education Center for the Flint River.

  • Annual Clean Ups on the Flint River for National Public Lands Day.
  • FRCA has hosted several educational workshops on:
  • BMPs (Best Management Practices for development)
  • Proper Septic Tank Installation and Maintenance
  • New septic tank installations in the New Market Area (funded by TVRC&D)
  • River restoration workshops
  • Alabama Water Watch Citizen Monitoring Training (every year)

Projects in 2003

  • Stream Restoration Workshop in January
  • Flint River Clean Ups June 28 and Sept 20
  • BMP and Phase II Workshop Sept. 2003
  • “Save our Southern Rivers–A forum on the Flint ” Saturday Oct. 18, 2003
  • Flint River Watershed Management Plan–in progress
  • Installation of a boat/canoe ramp at Chickasaw Landing
  • Hays Nature Preserve Director now on the Flint River
  • New Big Cove Creek Greenway to Hays Nature Preserve
  • Wildlife Sanctuary to be Added to Preserve System
  • Wetland Mitigation Bank Planning in Progress

Projects in 2002: The Flint River Festival June 15

  • The Flint River Clean Up in the Fall (stay tuned for the date)
  • Float trip to observe land use and pollution problems on the Flint (TBD)
  • Installation of new canoe/boat ramp at Chickasaw Landing (Fall)
  • Clean up on Keel Mountain (March) with Friends of Keel Mountain
  • Spring Ecosystem Study for private landowners (ongoing)

Projects in 2001: The Flint River Clean Up in June

  • Publication of Tackling Nonpoint Source Pollution in Madison County
  • Placement of 18 Flint River Watershed Signs around Madison County ( to link to watershed sign )
  • Placement of Storm Drain Stencils on Dumpsites on the River
  • Spring Ecosystem Study